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Hello + Welcome!

To know me is to know Finn, and as many friends and family can attest, to know Finn is to love him (and to want to get a Wheaten!).

I’ve never met a creature that makes friends more easily or inspires more instant affection than this happy dog.
In honor of my best bud, I’m making today’s gift (past of my IG Christmas gifts challenge!) a donation to St Hubert’s Animal Welfare Center.

St. Hubert’s rescues and provides care for over 100,000 animals each year.
There are lots of ways you can support them and all the animals they help —
Including by shopping for things like blankets and dog food through their Amazon wish list, which makes it incredibly easy to send them dog and cat food, blankets and other supplies to keep the animals in their care warm and fed this holiday season.
So grateful for organizations like St Hubert’s that are devoted to caring for four-legged friends through the holidays and all year round!

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