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I discovered Dry Farm Wines a couple of years ago when I was recovering from mold toxicity and have not stopped singing their praises ever since.

It turns out wine grapes are one of THE most mold-heavy crops out there (along with coffee, peanuts and corn to name a few).

Most wines are loaded with mycotoxins (mold toxins), along with a long list of other not-so-great additives like added sugar, artificial coloring, de-foaming agents (?!) etc.

So when I was detoxing from mold, I thought my wine days were done —

until I discovered Dry Farm Wines.

They contain no additives (so, NONE of the above) AND they’re screened for mold toxins.

Which means:
Cleaner wine =
Less burden on your liver to filter =
Bye-bye hangover + next day regrets ⭐️

Win, win, wine

My gift to you today is a free bottle for just a penny (remember pennies?!) with any order!

AND their wines are all 100% satisfaction guaranteed, so if you don’t like one of the bottles you receive, just let them know and they’ll replace or refund

Link to claim your penny bottle is:


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