-Gail Stone

-Brie Paluseo

Carrie’s 90 day program came to me at a time in my life when I needed it most. I desperately needed a “reset”. The new year had just started and with all of the indulging over the holidays plus having had back-to-back sinus infections that lasted over a month, my body needed some TLC, and Carrie was the perfect person to help me give MYSELF the TLC I really needed.

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With an incredibly personalized and hands-on program tailored to your specific needs and wants, I embarked on a journey of wellness, introspection and truly life-changing learning.

Carrie was always available to me and whenever I needed help or advice, she was ready with such helpful tips and tricks to help me look, feel and BE my best.

I think what is most valuable about working with Carrie is having someone who truly LISTENS to you be your coach in the single most important thing you can invest in - your physical mental and emotional wellbeing.

Among so many other things, Carrie helped me overcome some serious bad habits like mindless snacking and helped me identify what my body (or my emotions) were really trying to tell me I needed.

I did not want the program to end and find that I think of what I learned during the 90 days with Carrie every single day. I have incorporated some of the most useful and healthy habits into my everyday repertoire and even months after having completed the program, Carrie is still providing value with her newsletters and IG posts.

I couldn’t recommend something more to anyone and would urge anyone I know to do themselves a favor and sign up for her coaching.

With Love + Gratitude,

-Stefani Werring

Carrie is the best wellness coach I've ever worked with. What makes her special is that she truly focused on me as an individual, and I never felt like she was just reading from a manual or filling in blanks. She really listened to what I was saying and saw patterns that were causing my stress and overdoing that no other coach had identified and that I hadn't seen for myself. 

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From that, she created a plan of action for me that I've actually been motivated to stick to (!). Since working with her, my blood pressure has gone back down to normal, and I've lost weight, which has stayed off. My work with her has been eye-opening and transformative.

-Mai Nguyen

Carrie is very gifted in exploring topics that can be difficult to discuss with warmth and compassion. I've worked with Carrie before and I reached out again recently for additional coaching because I wanted her guidance for how to approach some significant life changes that will be happening over the next few months.

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Carrie asked thoughtful questions that led me to more clearly articulate the reasons for my feelings of unease. She also provided me with specific action items to reduce the negative effects of the changes and to determine why I am reacting to them the way that I am so that I can take steps to address the underlying emotions I am experiencing. I leave every session with Carrie feeling that my path forward is clearer and I wholeheartedly recommend her as a coach to anyone who is looking for support to make meaningful changes in their life.

-Mollie Richardson

With her deep and empathetic presence, delicate humor and lots of compassion, Carrie was able to steer me towards a caring way to address some emotional and deep issues. I felt understood, listened to, and cared for with no judgments. The benefits go way beyond expectations.

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Hardly ever had I thought of my physical/mental wellbeing in quite the way Carrie approached it. Carrie proved to be a great listener, and I felt safe opening up to her. Carrie can touch on issues that go pretty deep. She helped me give voice to some elements of my journey that, when given proper attention, can help me melt away some of the resistance I felt towards exercising or eating healthier foods.

-Rosella Conti

Carrie is amazing, someone who is able to cut through stories you make up about yourself and get to the core, where you are able to make changes. She listened very thoroughly to the patterns I displayed and encouraged me when she discovered strengths already available within me.

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She is very loving as well, which for me encourages self-love, which I find hard as I am used to being a tough cookie and pushing through with force!

-Margo de Beijer

As I’m sure so many others can relate, the pandemic brought a host of challenges and a disruption to my healthy routines, so I’ve been looking for someone to help me get back on track with my nutrition, lack of movement, and in navigating my work/life balance with a demanding job. Carrie delivered way beyond my expectations in just one call. 

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She helped shift my frustrations with weight-loss, and gave me hope that despite my obstacles to wellness, with some minor shifts and attention to important pillars of health returning to my best version of my self is not only possible but much easier to achieve.

Carrie is professional, kind, and compassionate with a solid overview of wellness: she is well-versed in nutrition, in psychology and how to dismantle limiting beliefs/road blocks to full potential and she was able to hone in immediately on areas where I could make minor shifts to begin some new habits. I’m so grateful to have met with her.

-Jane Archer

I went in thinking we were going to be chichatting about food, and left jaw-dropped at the vulnerability, kindness, skill and care that Carrie brought. Carrie is insanely qualified to address all your wellness needs. Mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually. Check her out, follow her, talk to her!

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-Meg Soucy

I've worked with Carrie in different capacities for years, most recently creating a workshop for a group of women. Carrie is a creative, thoughtful and intentional guide, always ready to let an individual or a group go where they need to go. 

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She fulfilled every client request that I threw at her, and put together the most special experience for our group. Above all, I’d say she is trustworthy and inspirational — exactly what’s needed in a coach!

-Carol Prince

I came to Carrie because I wanted to establish a routine that I could follow around eating healthy, exercising and better sleep -- all of which I was struggling with and needed a push. Having accountability was important for me as I had lost the motivation to have good daily habits, and Carrie definitely helped with that.

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I liked that Carrie let me set my own mini-goals and gave me suggestions and ideas on how to incorporate them during the day while keeping them achievable. After working with Carrie, I was putting in the work to take care of my health even on days when I was down, and those small steps made a huge difference to my week overall. In the past I would give up when I didn’t immediately see results, but now I am committed to sticking to my goals and am seeing the long-term results. Carrie is very supportive of your goals and approachable if you have any questions or need more guidance. I would 100% recommend Carrie as a coach. She goes above and beyond to help you, and her positive attitude keeps you motivated and accountable.

-Anjana Divakar

I came to Carrie for guidance on specific areas of my health that I had been ignoring for a while, like trying to find ways to feel better and eat better during my period. Through working with Carrie, I became more self-aware about the decisions I was making for my health.

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She introduced me to strategies around healthy eating that I had never thought of and small habit changes that actually made a big difference.

Carrie offered better solutions and guidance than I had received previously to help me address my health issues in a holistic way, like teaching me a breathing technique that I use now to help me fall asleep faster and helping me shift to a plant-based diet.

After working with Carrie, I now have more self awareness In regards to my overall health, hold myself accountable and take more of a holistic approach to my health instead of reaching for meds right away.

Carrie is a guide who makes you more aware of your habitual behaviors that may not necessarily be benefiting you and helps you come up with new ideas for habits that are much better for you. I really enjoyed the experience of working with Carrie. I received great advice that I’m definitely going to use going forward.

-Dawn Darby

Before my work with Carrie, I was struggling with complete stress, anxiety and absolute burnout. My burnout had been on a very large level, ongoing for years as an entrepreneur through COVID with two young toddlers at home as a solo parent. I struggled with stress that felt completely pervasive.

I didn’t have a very clear picture of what a stress management coach would do prior to working with Carrie, but it is beyond what I expected

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I didn’t have a very clear picture of what a stress management coach would do prior to working with Carrie, but it is beyond what I expected. Working with Carrie is therapeutic, deep, intuitive, thought provoking. And quite frankly, relaxing! Carrie’s presence just automatically lowers the blood pressure, puts you at ease and makes you feel like she genuinely cares about you and your well being. In just six weeks of working with Carrie, I have been able really move the needle and implement tiny steps that add up. 

-Gail Stone

I'm a working mom of two young children, and I own my own business. I just completed Carrie Petri's stress program, and I want to talk about how wonderful it was for me and how fabulous she is.

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One of the things that I was struggling with the most when I decided to start this program was burnout and not making any time for myself. It made me think about myself more, made me cognizant of what I was doing on a day-to-day basis and gave me really practical tools that made sense to me. Carrie is incredibly easy to talk to and so knowledgable. I would 1,000% recommend this program to anyone that thinks that they might be struggling with stress.

-Brie Paluseo

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