What if I told you that you could stop living in a state of constant stress? 

Would you want to know more if there were a way you could trade exhaustion and overwhelm for JOY and CALM?

What if you could go from feeling tired all the time and struggling to keep up with it all... to feeling like yourself again, lit up with energy and enjoying life? 

I promise, it is   

I’m willing to bet that if you’re reading this, you know you need to do something about your stress levels —

possible for you.

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Ready to make a change?

Here's how it works:


My signature process to go from chronically stressed and nearly burned out, to happier, healthier and quite frankly, thriving.

The Stress Strategy 

In this first and foundational step, you learn to develop an awareness of your stress symptoms, triggers and patterns - because you can’t change anything until you become aware of it.

You’ll learn about what is happening to your body when you’re in a state of stress and how that manifests in the symptoms you’re experiencing. We also teach you the difference between healthy levels of stress, chronic or toxic stress and burnout and the signs of each.

And most importantly, you learn how to REGULATE YOUR NERVOUS SYSTEM daily, to help your body and mind immediately begin to break free from chronic stress overload.


Now that you’re more aware of the stress patterns in your life and controlling your body’s physical response to stress in the moment, we tackle your mindset and behavior for lasting change.

You learn 4 tools to overcome 4 common behavior patterns around stress:

  • Procrastination/avoidance of stressful tasks
  • Irritability, anger and shortness of patience under stress
  • Stuck in negative or anxious thinking
  • Numbing out/self-sabotaging behaviors under stress (with food, alcohol, scrolling, etc.)

We also focus on mindset work around the stories and limiting beliefs you’re carrying that contribute to your stress.


Step 3 covers how to manage your lifestyle and habits to optimize your body's ability to handle stress, including: 

NUTRITION: managing your energy and mood through balanced blood sugar, overcoming patterns of stress eating

MOVEMENT: staying motivated to fit in stress-relieving exercise during your busiest weeks

SLEEP: understanding the stress-sleep connection and overcoming sleep problems related to chronic stress

SELF-CARE: helping you build the muscle to prioritizing taking time for yourself – so that you can continue taking care of others as well!


  • How to transform your patterns around stress on every level (physical, mental, emotional, behavioral), heal from chronic stress and prevent burnout
  • How to regulate your nervous system to instantly shift your body out of the stress response
  • How to stop procrastinating on stressful tasks
  • Tools to break free from cycles of negative or anxious thinking
  • How to overcome patterns of impatience and anger towards others when you're under stress
  • How to stop stress from ruining your sleep
  • Mindset tools to rewire stories and limiting beliefs that keep you stuck in reactive patterns around the stress triggers in your life
  • Personalized lifestyle strategies around nutrition, exercise and sleep to optimize your body's ability to handle stress
  • How to prioritize taking time for yourself and meeting your own needs -- without the guilt
  • (+ much more)

Here's what you'll learn in
Stress Strategy Coaching:

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"Carrie was always available to me and whenever I needed help or advice, she was ready with such helpful tips and tricks to help me look, feel and BE my best."


"Carrie is a creative, thoughtful and intentional guide, always ready to let an individual or a group go where they need to go. Above all, I’d say she is trustworthy and inspirational — exactly what’s needed in a coach!"


"In just one session, I could see that the benefits go way beyond the expectations for a wellness consultation. She helped me give voice to some elements of my journey that, when given proper attention, can help me melt away some of the resistance I felt towards exercising or eating healthier foods."


"Carrie is the best wellness coach I've ever worked with. What makes her special is that she truly focused on me as an individual, and I never felt like she was just reading from a manual or filling in blanks. My work with her has been eye-opening and transformative."


"Carrie is very gifted in exploring topics that can be difficult to discuss with warmth and compassion. I leave every session with Carrie feeling that my path forward is clearer and I wholeheartedly recommend her as a coach to anyone who is looking for support to make meaningful changes in their life."


"After working with Carrie, I now have more self awareness In regards to my overall health, hold myself accountable and take more of a holistic approach to my health instead of reaching for meds right away. "