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Understanding nutrition fundamentals, eating for balanced blood sugar, optimizing metabolism for weight management, making healthy cooking easy, dealing with cravings and emotional eating 

Exercise motivation, choosing the right kinds of exercise for your goals, increasing movement throughout the day, reconnecting to your body, sweating for detox

Getting serious about self-care, coping with stress, mastering your emotions, improving sleep quality, rest and recovery

Wellness is about so much more than how many calories you eat or burn in a day.

It encompasses every aspect of your life from what you eat, to how much you move, how you manage stress and how you relate to yourself and others.

My signature wellness framework, EAT MOVE BREATHE, leverages all of these elements together so that you can show up as your happiest, healthiest self, every day.

Why all 3? 




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I've created a FREE 3-part EAT MOVE BREATHE mini-course to help you build wellness into your busy life - starting today.

I believe that taking care of your body and mind is the ultimate key to unlocking your potential and creating a life you love. I’m so happy you are here, exploring what’s possible for you.

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Hi, I'm Carrie.


"Carrie was always available to me and whenever I needed help or advice, she was ready with such helpful tips and tricks to help me look, feel and BE my best."


"Carrie is the best wellness coach I've ever worked with. What makes her special is that she truly focused on me as an individual, and I never felt like she was just reading from a manual or filling in blanks. My work with her has been eye-opening and transformative."


"Carrie is very gifted in exploring topics that can be difficult to discuss with warmth and compassion. I leave every session with Carrie feeling that my path forward is clearer and I wholeheartedly recommend her as a coach to anyone who is looking for support to make meaningful changes in their life."


"In just one session, I could see that the benefits go way beyond the expectations for a wellness consultation. She helped me give voice to some elements of my journey that, when given proper attention, can help me melt away some of the resistance I felt towards exercising or eating healthier foods."


"After working with Carrie, I now have more self awareness In regards to my overall health, hold myself accountable and take more of a holistic approach to my health instead of reaching for meds right away. "

Feeling stuck in an unhealthy rut but unable to change? Confused by all the conflicting information out there about what to eat (or not to eat)? If you dream of having body confidence and sustained energy but don’t know how to get there, I’d love to help.

Through my signature EAT MOVE BREATHE framework, I can help you identify the blocks and patterns that are keeping you from living your best life. I’ll be your coach, strategist and partner in designing your new healthy lifestyle and wellness mindset so that you can become the best and brightest version of yourself.


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Download my free EAT MOVE BREATHE mini-course and learn how to seamlessly add wellness strategies into your busy schedule, so you can start showing up as your healthiest, happiest self -- right away.

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This FREE 3-part mini-course will teach you my proven framework to seamlessly integrate wellness into your busy life, right away.

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