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every workout you try fails to stick. And each time you get your hopes up and then fall off, it further cements your belief that you are what’s wrong and that you’re destined to feel like this forever.

Every diet, every resolution,

having time, energy and willpower to make it happen feels literally impossible.

But in your reality,

you see others seemingly managing their health, weight and life with confidence. 

You suspect this life is possible-

You may be struggling to lose weight or to have enough energy to get through the day, and it may feel impossible to imagine how to add healthy eating or exercise to your miles-long to-do list. And yet… you know you could be feeling better.

where you wake up each morning feeling confident and inspired, excited for your day. A life where you love and appreciate your body, and your relationship with food feels easy.

you imagine a life...

I know exactly how you feel because I have been there too.

I trust you are here because you want to make a change in your health.


I spent most of my adult life working as a lawyer in a corporate job, and I know firsthand the challenges that come with trying to fit wellness into a jam-packed week.

Back when I was juggling a crazy schedule and long hours, I knew I should be exercising, eating more vegetables, stressing less — they were all always somewhere on my to-do list.

But there were only so many hours in a day, I only had so many brain cells to spare, and by the time I would get around to thinking about doing something healthy for myself, I’d be out of time and running on fumes.

Swinging between restrictive diets and overindulging on weekends

Feeling chronically stressed out and tired but not having the time or energy to make a change

Trying out every diet plan, workout regime or cleanse I found to try to make my own body work for me -- with limited success 

This went on for years, until it finally occurred to me that if I were going to create peace in my body once and for all, I needed to find solutions that actually worked for MY body in MY real life.

I began studying health, starting with nutrition and then going down a rabbit hole of all things wellness....

yet whatever success I achieved was always short-lived and impossible to sustain in real life. 

I also thought strict diets and endless workouts  were the only way to the results I wanted -

I lived this way for years —

What I discovered changed everything for me.


Knowing I should be waking up every day feeling better with energy and joy - instead of tired, overwhelmed and unhappy with what I saw in the mirror

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I began to gain an appreciation for all the miraculous ways we can support our bodies with food. This quickly expanded to understanding how EVERYTHING we do impacts our body – how we move, how we relate to other people, our spiritual practices, and most importantly, our relationship with ourselves

I discovered that the messages I’d received for all those years – that I needed to follow a certain diet, force myself to do workouts I hated, beat back my desire to eat and learn to live with hunger if I wanted to have a body I loved – were in fact the root cause of my inability to lose weight and keep it off.

I learned that food is not the enemy, that I am the expert on what works best for my body, and that the path to having a body I loved involved going deep within myself instead of staying on the surface of what I was seeing in the mirror. 

A whole new approach to wellness...

work with me

I went on to get multiple coaching certifications in holistic nutrition, functional medicine and transformational coaching and completed my 200-hour yoga teacher training, on top of reading every book I could get my hands on and completing hundreds of hours of workshops, training and education around personal development, meditation, nutrition, psychology, spirituality, high performance, emotional eating, and more.

Along this journey, I have been able to help hundreds of people through my private coaching and corporate wellness programs. I’ve supported clients in --
  • building wellness into their busy lives for reduced stress, improved physical health and more vibrancy
  • discovering the unique combination of strategies and practices that work for them and their unique wellness goals
  • doing the deeper work to create peace with their body and with food. 

Through this process, I have developed EAT MOVE BREATHE. my unique approach to wellness coaching that combines customized wellness strategies with transformational inner work to help my clients achieve their wellness goals and create lasting change.

Now it has become my life’s mission to help even more individuals like you that need an approach to health that works, that are tired of the diets, guilt and stress and want to feel good about themselves and their body every single day.

Carrie Petri is an attorney-turned-wellness coach whose experience working in finance gave her a firsthand understanding of the challenges of maintaining a healthy lifestyle while balancing a demanding job. Having discovered in holistic health and functional medicine the tools to transform her own well-being, she is passionate about sharing those strategies to help others. She runs a private coaching practice for individuals and corporate clients to support people in integrating wellness into all areas of their life. She received her BA from Duke University, JD from Fordham Law School, and coaching certifications from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, Functional Medicine Coaching Academy and the Institute for Coaching Mastery. She recently completed her 200-hr vinyasa yoga teacher training.

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