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When it comes to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, traveling can throw a wrench into well-established routines. Without your typical schedule and go-to’s near the office, meals and workouts can be left to chance — which can mean multiple days of less than healthy choices.

I’m all for going 100% into vacation mode and squeezing every ounce of joy out of off-the-grid time with family and friends. But going too many days without a good sweat or a dose of leafy greens can start to negatively impact how you feel.

So for me, the key to staying healthy while traveling (like everything else!) is balance.

I spent this past holiday weekend in Seattle exploring it from one end to the other. It’s beautiful! Full of great restaurants, natural beauty and interesting people.

Here are a few ways I managed to build healthy habits into the trip, to get you inspired to do the same the next time you travel:

Juicebox Café

I found my way to this “vegetable-focused” breakfast and lunch spot in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle more than once during my trip. A freshly-made green juice is one of the fastest ways to get a dose of feel-good nutrition into the day, so I was happy to be able to pick one up here. I also wanted to eat everything on the menu which meant some tough decision-making.

Particularly recommend: Turmeric Green Juice + Hen Egg Scramble


Hiking Lake Serene Trail

I’m very lucky to have adventurous friends who have ideas like, “Hey, let’s rent a red Mustang convertible and drive out of the city to the Cascade mountains!” We did just that and spent half a day hiking up Lake Serene Trail which culminates in an incredible waterfall overlooking the mountains and valley below. All that time in the quiet of the woods, the tough work of hiking uphill over rocks and streams and the reward of the vista at the top (pictured above) beat a run on a hotel treadmill any day.

Particularly recommend: Reading trail signs carefully! We thought we were in for a 1/2 mile trail and wound up on a steep 5-mile trek. But (most of us would agree) it was worth it.

Bulletproof Café

I’ve gotten into making Bulletproof coffee since dealing with mold toxicity because their coffee is specifically screened and tested for mold toxins. It’s also been a near-magical antidote for the symptoms caused by detox supplements I’m taking, so I was worried about not having my keurig and blender at the ready. Luckily, Seattle actually boasts a Bulletproof Café that serves up their freshly brewed coffee blends.

Particularly recommend: Bulletproof Coffee – The Original, a blend of their coffee + MCT oil + ghee. If you think coffee with butter sounds strange, I promise — you haven’t experienced what good coffee can do for your brain and body until you’ve tried this stuff.


(In the true spirit of balance, I also have to recommend the following: an afternoon cocktail at The Nest on the top of the Thompson hotel, ice cream at Molly Moon’s + the anchovy/chili spaghetti at How To Cook A Wolf. Because joy is good for you too.)

The next time you’re planning to travel, for work or for fun, do some research ahead of time and seek out a few healthy food spots to check out or find a workout that will allow you to explore while getting your daily dose of exercise. You’ll feel better for the duration of your trip, and it’s a great way to get to know a new place.

Do you plan for health and wellness when traveling? Is finding a way to exercise or a healthy meal in a new city something you like to do? Let me know below!

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