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Don’t know about you but I’ve been fully in Spring mode for the last couple of days, in denial of the still-chilly morning temps.

With the start of Spring comes a need to let go of winter hibernation habits and to begin implementing routines that take advantage of Spring renewal, increased daylight and heightened energy.

Here are a few detoxifying habits I’m adding into my days now that Spring is here:

1. Daily Green Juice

A cold green juice doesn’t always sound appealing when it’s dark and freezing outside, but now that the days are lighter and brighter, making green juice a part of your daily routine can help you feel the same, providing benefits for skin, energy and digestion. I like to make them in batches of two at home to have one for the next day as well or grab one at Juice Press on my way to the office.

2. Increasing Cardio (and Exercise Generally)

During the cold, dark winter months it can be way too easy to look outside at the darkness at 5pm and decide you’ve missed your window to move. Now that the days are warming up, fitting in walks outside during a lunch break, getting back into fitness classes and adding in cardio again are all great ways to boost mood and energy.

3. Infrared Sauna Sessions

In addition to sweating it out more in your workouts, adding in sessions in the infrared sauna can help your body rid itself of accumulated toxins from the winter months. Not to mention, it feels great and is another major mood booster.

Are you feeling the Spring vibes? What are you doing to leave winter behind? Let me know in the comments below!

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