I believe that managing your relationship with stress is the ultimate key to unlocking your potential and creating a life you love. I’m so happy you are here, exploring what’s possible for you. 

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How Healthy Habits Slip During the Holidays + My Top Tip For Staying On Track

Let me start by saying that the Christmas season is my favorite time of year. Peppermint bark, a lit tree, Home Alone — I’m ready for all of it by November 1st.  But the most wonderful time of the year can also be a complete disaster for people’s healthy intentions. The weeks from Halloween through […]

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3 Burnout Warning Signs + How To Get Back In Balance Right Away

Over the past couple years I’ve seen firsthand what a toll burnout can take on our health if we’re not careful; chronic stress suppresses our immunity, depletes our energy and wears on our bodies and minds. Strangely though, sometimes stress actually feels good in the moment. Running at a high speed, checking off one thing […]

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Seasonal Living: How To Not Let Summer Pass You By When You’re Busy at Work

How’s August treating you? Has it been slow at work with lots of people out of the office and plenty of summer Fridays? Or unseasonably busy and chaotic?  My month’s been the latter thanks to a looming project deadline, and I’ve heard the same from plenty of people. However your August is shaping up, I […]

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Why Companies That Promote Healthy Stress Management Win

“Do you ever get pushback when you advise people to reduce their stress? Doesn’t that cut into productivity and make you less competitive?” I got this question once and it really surprised me — the negative impacts of stress on health and happiness are so obvious to me at this point that it hadn’t occurred […]

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All About Green Juice (+ My Go-To Recipe)

A few months ago, I gave a talk on wellness at a dinner for 40 people. The talk was to be given as part of an awards ceremony at a private club, and the coordinators asked me to help plan a healthy menu for the dinner to go along with my presentation on how to […]

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A 5-Minute Tool to Get OUT of Overwhelm And Back Into A Focused Mindset

Being busy can help keep us in a productive, motivated state. But when we have so much to do that we start to feel overwhelmed, our performance can start to slip. Think about it – The more tasks that you’re trying to manage, the more energy you need to expend towards just remembering everything there […]

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